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Tutorial: How to Duplicate Projects & Requests

Are you tired of creating the same old request forms over and over again? Then we have some great news for you! You are now able to dupllicate your projects and requests in ARFS! The duplication function takes care of all the heavy lifting for you with just a few clicks! You have the option of duplicating an entire project or individual requests within a project. Lets see how it works:

Duplicating a Project | Duplicating a Request | FAQ

Duplicating a Project:

To duplicate a project, simply visit the Project Summary page of the project you wish to duplicate. On the sidebar under "Manage Project", you'll see the "Duplicate" button.

Project Summary Page

Press this button to open the "Duplicate Project" dialog window. Here you will have the option to select which requests you'd like to include in this duplication. This allows you to exclude any requests that may not be necessary for all versions of this project. For convenience, there is a "Select All" button on the right that will automatically select all requests listed. Once you've made your selections, press "Duplicate Project".

Project Duplicate Dialog Box

ARFS will copy all components of the project and requests with some exceptions (see list of exclusions at the bottom of this page). You will be forwarded to the Project Summary page of the duplicated project. This page is easily identified by the yellow banner at the top that says "This is a duplicated project. Please edit to include all necessary changes from original."

Edit Duplicated Project Dialog

And just like the banner says, this is where you will change the project date to the new one, update the project name (which by default is the old project name with the text "(Copy)" after it) and any other details needing changes. Once changes have been made, click the "Update Project" button and close the "Edit Project" dialog box. This will take the project out of the "Duplicated" status and becomes an active project.

You'll notice the requests at the bottom of the Project Summary page have a status of "Duplicated". In order to activate these request, you will need to go into each one and make the necessary changes to them.

Duplicated Request List

Click on a duplicated request to access the Marketing Request form. Again you'll notice the yellow banner at the top identifying this as a duplicated request. Make any necessary adjustments and choose one of the save or submit options at the bottom of the page to change this request from a "Duplicated" status to an active request.

Duplicated Request Banner

Duplicating a Request:

To duplicate a request within a project, go to the Project Summary page that contains the request you wish to duplicate. Under the requests list at the bottom, hover over the name of the request. You will see the duplicate button appear to the right of the name. Click this button.

Duplicate Request Hover Button

A confirmation message will appear. If the correct request name is shown, click "Duplicate Request".

Duplicated Request Dialog Box

The duplicated request will appear at the top of the list with the text "(Copy)" appended to the request name and a status of "Duplicated". Simply click on the new request to make any necessary changes.

Duplicated Request List with New Duplicate


Will this work on archived projects?

Yes! Once the archived project has been duplicated, that duplicated version will be an active project.

How are custom due dates treated?

When a request is duplicated, the custom dates will remain the same. Most likely you'll want to adjust these, but they're left in there as a reference for the duplicated request. If it's not needed, simply click the orange calendar icon for that task and it will disappear.

How are the POC details handled in a duplicated project or request?

The POC will remain the same as the original no matter who creates the duplicate. If this needs to be changed, simply edit the POC details and save the project or request.

What is Excluded from a Duplicated Project?

  • The date that the project was created will reset. Since the Projects list on the Dashboard displays projects in order of the date they were created, by resetting this date the duplicated project will appear at the top of the list.

What is Excluded from a Duplicated Request?

  • The General Due Date will return to the default so that it will fit better with the new project date.
  • The date that the request was created will reset. Since the Requests list on the Project Summary page displays requests in order of the date they were created, by resetting this date the duplicated request will appear at the top of the list.
  • Attachments are not preserved in a duplication. This is to prevent multiple requests from sharing the same files; if they are deleted from one, they will all lose them.

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